GLS Bank

After an apprenticeship in banking and studies of business administra-tion at the university in Cologne (Dipl. Kfm.) he had executive functions in different enterprises of the cooperative financial system.
Since 2002, he is a member of the board of the GLS Bank, a social-ecological bank, with responsibilities in the following domains: human resources, global bank management, risk management, IT-Orga and audit. Furthermore, he is responsible for affiliated companies within the GLS group and therefore member of the executive board of the GLS Beteiligungs AG and GLS Energie AG with priorities in projects for renewable energies.

He actively engages in the international collaboration of social-ecological oriented financing as a member of the audit committee of Oikocredit and in the supervisory board of the ISB (Institute for Social Banking).

Since 2006, Andreas Neukirch holds a membership in the board of INAISE (International Association of Investors in the Social Economy). He pursued a stronger activity of INAISE on all continents, expanding a European and banking –oriented collaboration to include new experiences, methods and views on solidarity finance and help develop a diversified social and sustainable economy. In 2014, the GLS Bank hosted the AGM of INAISE. Under its motto “Mobilising Social Finance Globally – Learning form Each Other” the participants focused on issues and questions regarding agriculture, renewable energies, cooperatives and solidarity.

He is honorary member of the board of a charity-alliance (Caritas) with a strong focus on home care establishments (Caritas Alten- und Krankenhilfe), different forms of cross-generational living and communal living.


22 May 2015
14:30  -  16:00

Round Table 3

Finance for Climate Action – Tackling the Investment Challenge

Moderated by Christopher KNOWLES, Head of Climate Change & Environment Division , European Investment Bank (EIB)

Keynote speech

Jonathan TAYLOR, Vice-President, European Investment Bank (EIB)

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