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Mats Andersson is the CEO of the Forth Swedish National Pension Fund (AP4) since 2006 and serve as a member of the board of Svolder AB and Rikshem AB. Previously he has held positions as CIO at Skandia Liv, Portfolio Manager at AP3 and Head of Nordic equities at Deutsche Bank.

AP4 is one of five buffer funds in the Swedish national pension system whose role is to even out temporary punctuations during periods when pension contributions are not sufficient to cover pension disbursements. Total assets under management are 35 billion USD. It is a diversified portfolio consisting of equities, fixed income securities, foreign exchange, real estate and other alternative investments.


22 May 2015
09:30  -  11:00

Round Table 1

How Can Institutional Investors Bring their Portfolios into Line with 2°C?

Moderated by Izabella KAMINSKA, Financial Times

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